The players travel back in time and find themselves in the most interesting and turbulent period of the 19th century, in which they play the parts of oil pioneers and smart investors. These pioneers have laid the foundation of the great oil companies who still dominate the world market we know today. In the year 1870 John D. Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Company and in 30 years time he attained a monopoly position in the fields of vast oil transport and refinement. In 1876 Colonel Charles Felton bought the Pacific Coast Oil Company and developed oil fields in California. In 1890 August Kessler founded the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and in the Dutch East Indies he discovered large tracts of land which were rich in oil. William Knox D’arcy bought concessions (the right to extract oil) in Persia and after making huge oil discoveries in 1908 he started the Anglo-Persian Oil Company.

Should you want to be a true oil tycoon, then you will have to be just a tad smarter than the rest. You will develop oil fields, buy concessions from Wildcatters and provide your own transport. Find partners and know your enemies in this tactical game of majorities, in which logistics play an enormous role!


Only 900 copies of the game are available for € 59,95 (plus shipping) and each copy comes with its own unique signed certificate. If you want to order the game or have any questions, please see the contact & orders button below.



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